Bq tool documentation

1. What is bq?

bq is a command line interactive tool that allows creating and managing Bootique projects.

2. Installation

2.1. MacOS

bq available via Homebrew package manager. All you need in order to install bq on MacOS is to run:

brew install bootique-tools/repo/bq

2.2. Windows

Windows binary is distributed with Chocolatey package manager. Use following command to install bq.portable package:

choco install bq.portable

And here is how to upgrade bq to the latest version:

choco upgrade bq.portable

2.3. Linux

2.3.1. Ubuntu

  • Download the latest release from the GitHub:

  • Install:

    sudo apt install ./bq-0.101.deb

2.3.2. CentOS

To install bq on CentOS you need to

  • Download the latest release from the GitHub:

  • Install:

    sudo yum install bq-0.10

3. Usage

Running BQ in an interactive mode:

$ bq

If everything setup correctly you should see welcome banner with some general information about the tool. To see all available commands you could use help command.

To exit from the bq shell run exit.

3.1. Maven

Maven toolchain is set by default.

  1. new multimodule project:

    new parent io.bootique.test:test:1.0
  2. new runnable app:

    new app io.bootique.test:test-app:1.0
  3. new module:

    new module io.bootique.test:test-module:1.0

3.2. Gradle

To use Gradle as your build tool you need to set it in bq config:

config toolchain gradle

Available commands are same as in Maven case.